03 septembre 2004

human being...

I remember a strange scene that happened to me some while ago in the metro. I was seated, quietly waiting for the tube to take me to my destination when I realized the woman in front of me was sobbing. I felt so sad for her that I couldn't help myself to sympathize for her. I even wanted to take her in my arms to tell her... "you're not alone" ; "don't be ashamed to cry and show your pain" ; "let me feel concerned and comfort you" ; " you suffer but you are someone important to me, to the others around... because you're a human being". Her pain showed me that she was human and that my feeling was human too. It was so important because her pain meant she WAS !

I wanted to show her that even if she felt torn, it's wonderful to be a human being because we are the member of the same family of beings who can suffer, care and live together, as we can. To be a human being is difficult but it gives you as much happiness as sadness. We have this incredible gift to be able to love but the counterpart is that we can be hurt to the soul... She made me aware I was a HUMAN BEING and this is great even if I suffer often.

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